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What exactly is sauer.macht.LUST?

We have made a zine¹ on the topic of sexual pleasure, in which we collect and print contributions from people with different perspectives. With this we especially want to create a space for FINTA* – people, i.e. women, inter people, non-binary people, trans people, agender people. We have launched a public call (through various distribution lists and media) to reach as many people as possible whose contributions now fill the zine. The zine is an artful mixture of texts (mainly in German), poems, pictures, photos and other surprises around pleasure, masturbation, asexuality, shame, expectations, pleasure in old age and many more…

¹A zine (from the English magazine) is a small-circulation publication by amateurs that serves as a tool of communication to speak up for social issues.

What are we concerned with?

We do not want to accept patriarchal structures. We are no cis-males and experience daily how patriarchy suppresses diversity and discriminates against people in their sexuality. With the zine we want to occupy a space that makes sexual diversity visible and accepted! The zine is for all people, regardless of gender, who are concerned with the topic of pleasure and want to read and hear new perspectives.