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About us

We are Meta, Tizia, Miriam and Mariam (from left to right). We are all in our early twenties studying or working and living, loving, laughing. Conversations and a friendly ear for experiences, emotions and stories add a little spice and new perspectives to our lives. A topic that comes up a lot is sexual pleasure: our own pleasure, pleasure of friends, partners, acquaintances or pleasure we have heard of from telling. We all have our own experiences with pleasure and we realised that exchanging these experiences is very helpful and important to us. We are currently working on this project, because we do not agree with existing patriarchal structures in our society. For many people, sexual pleasure and displeasure is a very sensitive and intimate issue – for some even an unspoken and secret one. During conversations with others we observed openness as well as shame or insecurity. The public discourse on sexual pleasure is mainly dominated by cis-male perspectives. Therefore we want to give FINTA* – people, i.e. women, inter people, non-binary people, trans people, agender people, the opportunity to speak up and have access to means of communication, so their personal perspective can be read, seen or heard. We wish to break the stigma around this topic and show a variety of perspectives .

That is why we made this zine.